Monday, October 09, 2006

"I'm not saying it's a bait and switch"

But, well, it sort of is. Wal-Mart and prescription drugs. Ooops. (Hat tip to Ezra Klein)

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ariash86 said...

In what way is this bait and switch exactly? Bait and switch usually consists of a cheap product to lure you to many more expensive ones, for example if a store was selling very good digital cameras for two hundred dollars they would then sell you accessories for this camera that would end up cost double what you paid for the camera originally. But what Wal-Mart is doing just helps people out, drugs are expensive and a lot of people can’t afford them and Wal-Mart found a away to make it affordable as they do with money other products. The reason why Ernest Boyd, executive director of the Ohio Pharmacists Association used this fancy term bait and switch was only because he realized that he is going to lose money and he had to have a reason why he is still going to be selling expensive drugs while Wal-Mart is selling these same drugs for quarter of the price.
ari ash