Friday, November 10, 2006

Wow! It's a whole new government!

No, no, no. Not the changing party control in Congress -- that's old news now! Sheesh. This is MUCH more important!

We are pleased to announce the results of the Wurzweiler School of Social Work's student government elections. There was a wonderful voter turnout and it was a very close race. There was a tie for member at large, so instead of four, there will be five member-at-large positions. All of the candidates received very strong support from the student body and we hope that those who were not officially elected as members of the executive board will consider taking leadership positions by serving on one or more committees.


President Concurrent - Grant Silverstein
President PEP - Daniel Sebbag

Vice President - Sherri Panikoff, Second Year Concurrent
Treasurer - Anita Kahan, Second Year Concurrent
Secretary - Erica Leibowitz, First Year PEP

Members at Large
Rebecca Leibowitz, First Year Concurrent
Erik Volper, First Year Concurrent
Jose Delgado, Second Year PEP
Isabel M. Adon, First Year PEP
Demecia Woolen Irizary, Second Year PEP

Congratulations to all!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the newly elected Student Government Executive Committee for 2006/2007. The date for the first executive meeting will be posted soon. Now is a good time to talk with students about their concerns and to learn about issues that are important to the student body, as well as suggestions for activities and Student Government sponsored events.

There will be a Town Meeting with the Deans (date to be announced) each semester. This meeting is for students, SGA advisors and the Deans: Dean Sheldon Gelman, Dean Carmen Ortiz Hendricks and Dean Jade Docherty. All concerns must be given to student government representatives at least two weeks prior to the meeting in order to allow the Deans time to research the issues and come back with informed responses.

For those interested in serving on one or more committees, a brief description of each committee's function will be posted shortly, along with the email addresses of committee chairs. All students who are interested in serving on a committee, please check back frequently for this information.