Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Clinton Health Plan

For a first quick look, go see Ezra. Not the approach I'd take, but then again I don't really get to pick, nor do I get to decide which options are on The Table. Looks a lot like the Edwards plan at first blush, and surely seems broader than Obama's. But the policy itself is only a piece, alas, of the puzzle. It's the politics that will ultimately matter most, and that seems too hard to get a read on just yet. But it's quite nice to see just how many candidates seem to be taking seriously the need for something universal-coverage-like. It's an easy argument to make, not just on moral grounds, but on economic ones: we have the most expensive health care system in the "developed" world, leave the greatest number of our citizens without adequate care, and devote an insane amount of that money to administrative overhead costs. Remember: despite what our economist friends will tell you, market-based solutions are not necessarily more efficient.

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